PHP Industrial Training

PHP / MYSQL – 6 Months Industrial Training

Project-Based 6 Months Industrial Training, With increasing demand of industry-ready fresh graduates, there has also been an increased emphasis on the link between academics and industry. As companies look for candidates with hands-on exposure, PHP + MYSQL project-based 6 Months Industrial Training programs aptly fill the requirement. To make optimal use of students’ winter/summer vacations, we offer industrial training in all streams, including CS/IT, B.Tech. , MCA and Management. Conducted for around 6 Months, such industrial training programs are job-oriented and help students to relate curriculum with industry practices and responsibilities.
Through our project-based 6 Months Industrial Training workshops, Web Applications trainers practically build upon theoretical concepts covered at the college level and provide live project training’s. Students are able to solve problems in a real-time environment that opens a window to the professional world. They become more confident, as well as find a connection between their chosen field and required industry standards.

6 Month PHP
Introducing PHP
The origin of PHP
PHP functions, PHP and HTML
Installing and configuring PHP
Installing PHP Apache & MySql
Installing and Configuring PHP on Windows.
PHP Pros and Cons PHP: past, present and future (PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0, and PHP 5)
Basic coding
PHP variables, Data types, Operators
Creating PHP script
Using PHP Script, Forms
Control structures
Control structure syntax, Loop structures
Single-Dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Casting Arrays, Associative arrays
Accessing arrays, Getting the size of an array
Looping through an array, Looping through an associative array, Examining arrays
Joining arrays, Sorting arrays, Sorting an associative array
Introducing functions
Creating functions, Function calls
Using functions
Using static variables, Identifying browsers
Creating web features
Redirecting users to other pages
Sending an e-mail
Reading and writing files
The fread ( ) function
Inserting an image
Creating web page content
Creating dynamic content
User authentication
HTTP authentication
Authenticating from a text file
Authenticating from a database
Cookies, Setting cookies, Using cookies
Sessions and PHP
How sessions work
Storage modules
Creating a session
Key encryption
Implementing PGP
Encrypting an e-mail with PGP
Using databases with PHP
Adding tables to a database, Creating a table, Connecting to a database server
Manipulating a database with PHP
Populating a table, Extracting and manipulating information
Adding and extracting information
Adding information, Extracting information
Creating database functionality
PHP functions for MySQL, Performing dynamic functions using MySQL
Using MySQL on the Web
Referencing a database
Shopping Cart
Payment Gateways
Creating a product catalog
Preparing a product catalog, Creating an administration, menu, Adding a record, Connecting to MySQL Server, Selecting records, Modifying a record, Deleting a record
Creating a shopping system
Creating the storefront, Viewing product details
Tracking and confirming orders
Tracking a shopping cart, Counting items

WordPress Training
Installing a new copy of WordPress
Admin / Dashboard panel basics
Installing your theme, Edit general settings, Using categories and tags, Customizing your dashboard

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